Three-Legged-Puppy Bonds With Terrified Kitten Through Crazy Twist Of Fate

When King arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society, volunteers were outraged to realize the extent of his neglect. The 8-month-old puppy came into the shelter with a broken hind leg. This wouldn’t have been so bad, but his previous owners had left the broken limb untreated for months. Not only had he been living in constant pain, there was no way for surgeons to save it. He underwent an operation to have the leg removed, but recovery was difficult.

That’s when he met Laila.

The 4-week-old kitten had come into the shelter with her own problems; anemia, malnutrition, and dehydration were the shelter’s main concerns for her. As soon as they brought her into the recovery room, she began to mew for attention. At the same time, King was in the room and begging for attention, too. The staff decided to place them near one another…the unlikely pair of King and Laila shared a bond almost instantly. Being around one another encouraged Laila to eat and exercise, and encouraged King to learn how to walk on three legs. The shelter now hopes to find them a forever home as a pair!

It’s a rare occurrence, but once their sweet faces went viral, the shelter is confident that they will succeed in finding the perfect home for this unlikely duo!

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