Three Hilarious Quirks That Prove Learning English Is Nearly Impossible

There’s a reason that someone can study the English language for their entire lives and still fail. (See: anyone’s report cards from middle school.) While there are hundreds of written rules regarding grammar and sentence structure, there are nearly as many unwritten rules that are enough to drive anyone crazy! From obscure spelling passed down through generations of language changes to syllable emphasis that doesn’t make sense, it’s easy to see why most people just give up completely.
If you can’t tell the difference between the seven variations in that sentence, don’t worry. You’re not alone…

…and this one is just plain mean!If you are a native English speaker, you follow this order without even knowing that you follow this order:
Did you catch it? I had no idea what he was talking about until I realized that he’s right; green great dragons don’t exist…but great green dragons do!

While it is one of the most wide-spread languages learned around the world, it is easily one of the most difficult to master. Did you learn something new?

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