Three Friends Got A Huge Plane All To Themselves And Got “Rock Star” Treatment!

They booked a flight from British Airways Gibraltar to London on December 18th after a short little getaway for some pampering and fun. It was the holiday season, so they were expecting to shuffle through a crowded airport and stand in long lines just to get on the plane. What they experienced was the exact opposite!The flight normally carries 150 passengers in the large cabin, but this flight was delayed for three hours. The friends had checked in online and decided to extend their vacation, arriving at the airport right when their flight was scheduled to leave at the delayed time.

Well, all of the other passengers had been squeezed and shuffled onto different flights, not wanting to wait for the delayed plane! The plane still needed to make it to London for its next journey, so these lucky ladies got an entire flight all to themselves!
Although they paid for the economy class tickets, the flight crew led them to business class and even gave them champagne! They were given a three-course meal and took a ton of selfies. They took one in the cockpit after the plane landed in London.At every step of the way, they felt like celebrities! There were no lines, no annoying people, and they were allowed to do just about anything they wanted! They took videos and pictures and selfies through out the entire 2.5 hour flight. When the pilot announced that the heavy fog might delay their landed…they didn’t even care! This was the kind of flight that no one would mind being delayed for!

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