Three Friends Catch A Massive Fish, But When One Dies, They Use His Ashes To Catch An Even BIGGER One!

Ron, Cliff, and Paul went to the Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park in Thailand to try their hands at catching the “fish of a lifetime.” In February of 2015, they set out to catch the biggest fish in the lake, a 154-pound Siamese Carp! They were excited and determined, even if it meant they would be out for hours.

As it happens, Ron was the one to hook the giant carp and spent over an hour getting it close enough to catch. They took this picture and released the fish back into the water. Ron continued fishing and caught more large fish, but the massive carp was still his pride and joy! They had so much fun, they planned to return the next year and do it all again.

Unfortunately, Ron was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before their next trip to Thailand…but he had a strange request. He wanted his friends to go to Thailand with him…as ashes! He wanted them to mix his ashes into their bait to try and catch the monster fish. When they returned the next year, his ashes would help them catch an even larger fish!

It took the men two hours to reel it in. It wasn’t the same fish that they were hoping to see – this one was over 180 pounds!No one had ever managed to catch this fish before…but with the help of their late friend Ron, these best friends caught the biggest fish of all!

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