Three “Find The Hidden Difference” Puzzles To Test Your Attention To Detail

Why are these puzzles so addicting?! Finding the patterns is easy for some lucky individuals…but for others, these puzzles seem absolutely impossible! In theory, it sounds easy! “Look at the puzzles below and spot the differences.” Except that sometimes, it is nearly impossible!

These puzzles are arranged from easiest to hardest…see if you agree with the order! We won’t spoil the answers, so try your best!

First up, this collection of emoticon faces is sure to make you just a little bit dizzy…can you spot the hidden panda?Alright, maybe that one was easy. But now…can you spot the hidden goat?!It may have taken you a little longer, but this one is definitely going to take a while! Can you spot the one-eyed Jack?!You’ve got to be extra vigilant to find him!

How did you rank these puzzles? Did you agree with the order? We just love these so much! Pass them on to your friends and see if they can spot the differences as quickly as you did!

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