Three Boys Approach A Homeless Man. Their Actions Are Caught On A Security Camera!

Some fairly shocking things have been caught on security footage, and as more homes, businesses, and city streets install them, unbelievable acts end up being shared with the world.

When these three boys entered the footage from this CCTV camera at a crosswalk in Poland, the people reviewing it were confused. It was getting cold, sure, but why were the boys carrying a pillow and blankets outdoors? They watched the footage and realized something incredible.
The boys had been on the footage a short while earlier and had apparently come across a homeless man who looked like he needed help. The man had been cold, and when the boys asked him if they could help, he simply said that he was cold and that it would be a frigid night.

They continued their walk when, unexpectedly, they found someone tossing out a bunch of old furniture. Folded on top of an old couch was a clean duvet, folded and sitting beside a clean pillow. They knew exactly what to do with the items.

They picked up the items and walked back the way they had come, finding the man had moved to a park bench and was shivering, trying to keep warm.

The boys were identified and invited to the mayor’s office to receive recognition and a reward for their kind behavior!

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