This Zumba Instructor Inspires Dozens At A High School In Anchorage!

Yulissa Arecurenaga has found her passion: Zumba. The class features exercise through dance, and it has swept the country with its infectious beats that make working out fun! Anyone can do it, as long as they have the motivation, and that is what Yulissa counts on. The energy of a Zumba class is what gets her up and moving each and every day.

You see, Yulissa has Down syndrome. At 24, she leads a class as a licensed Zumba instructor. She spent six years learning the routines and memorizing the steps in order to do what she loves for a living. Leading classes and inspiring other people with disabilities gives her hope for the future, and creates a way for others to gain confidence while exercising.5.17a25

Recently, she was given the opportunity to pair up with the Alaska Chapter of the National Down Syndrome Congress in Anchorage. They brought Yulissa up to teach classes over the weekend to inspire kids and adults alike by showing them that nothing is off limits. She is following her dream, and she is really, really good at it.

The classes were soon following her every move, trying their best to keep up with her high energy level and fast pace as they stepped along to the music.

She was licensed in 2012 and is the first person with Down syndrome to become a certified Zumba instructor! She teaches a regular class in San Francisco, and has even been able to work with Beto Perez, the man who invented Zumba!

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