This Young Mom Decides To Teach Her 6-Year-Old A Valuable Lesson…But Has Received A LOT Of Backlash! Do You Agree?

Teaching kids how to function in society is one of the most important lessons that parents will ever teach their children. Every parent has a different philosophy when it comes to how their children should treat other people. Some think a more disciplined approach to parenting is ideal, and some take the “hands-off” approach and let their kids make and learn from their own mistakes. There are hundreds of ways to go about teaching children the differences between right and wrong, and unfortunately there is no “right” answer when it comes to bringing kids up in society.

This mom decided to share her philosophy…but received a TON of backlash, even after explaining why she did what she did. Do you think she took the right approach, or do you think this was “over the top?”


He gets to spend quality time with mom, they get to eat yummy food, they learn how to order from a menu, they learn to manage their budget, and they learn how you are supposed to act at a restaurant. These all seem like excellent lessons for anyone to learn (in fact, I could name a few people who could do with a “refresher” course!). The issue arose when people didn’t like the fact that mom made her son pay for their meals with his allowance.

They thought that she was being too harsh on him. Does he have money left over to buy toys? He worked hard for it, shouldn’t he decide what they get to do with it? What if he doesn’t really want to go on these dates?

I will say this: when I was a kid, I absolutely loved to spend time with my parents. If we were ever able to go out like this, I would have loved it. I think he is learning some very valuable lessons on how to treat people – not just women.

So what do you think of this mom’s unique teaching style? Love it, or hate it?

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