This Wristband Lets You Know When “Enough Is Enough” And To Put Down That Last Beer!

It’s called BACtrac Skyn (short for blood alcohol level) and it has the promise to become one of the most important pieces of technology available. You wouldn’t leave the house without your phone, keys, or wallet. Now, you won’t want to leave the house without this wrist piece, either. Although it is still a prototype, it is a far more reliable method of monitoring alcohol consumption than simply counting drinks.

It started when the U.S. government challenged companies to come up with a way to monitor alcohol consumption in real time, and ended up winning the competition.

The wristband works by detecting ethanol molecules that are escaping from the skin. Many times, people can tell that you’ve been drinking because they claim to “smell it,” and this device does that on a molecular level. The device then sends the results (as often as you want – even one per second) to your phone where you can monitor it in real time.7.5a6

People are excited about it because it gives them a way to enjoy a night out with their friends safely. Their phone will start to vibrate when their blood alcohol level nears 0.04%, which means they are just under half of the legal limit to operate a vehicle in most states. They can either stop drinking, slow down, or call it a night based on accurate readings from the gadget.

Most devices are small and fit in your pocket or on a key chain, but Skyn is making headlines because you wear it and get results immediately on your phone. The company hasn’t released a price, but Skyn will be available to purchase by the end of the year, and people are really, really excited about it!

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