This Working Single Mother Is SHOCKED When She Sees What A Trucker Wrote On His Receipt

Kari Anthony provides for her three children by bartending at Quaker Steak and Lube in Grand Island, Nebraska. It isn’t a glamorous job, but this dedicated mom does her best, keeping food on the table and giving her children a happy home. 10-10a13

In 2015, their lives got a little bit easier.

Kari was working a shift behind the bar when a truck driver came in to eat. After pleasant introductions, they began to talk about their families. When Kari mentioned that she was a single mother, the truck driver began to tell stories of his own hard-working mom.

Her story must have touched him because at when it came time to pay the bill, the trucker left more than Kari had ever imagined. Because of their shared love and dedication to their families, the truck driver decided to help her out in honor of his own mother.

Truck drivers, Kari says, usually leave anywhere between two to five dollars…but she nearly fainted when she looked at the receipt.

You don’t have to do this,” she told him over and over, but the man insisted.10-10a14

She took the bill to her manager, who talked to the man for several minutes, making sure that he was prepared to leave such a huge amount. The man wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. The man ended up paying for several other customers whom he had talked to during the night. He told her that she should do something special for her kids.

Kari was able to take her children to the state fair for the first time as a family.


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