This Working Mom Received A Hateful Message On Twitter. Her Comeback Made My Jaw Hit The Floor!

Susan Keogh found herself in a tough position when she opened up her messages on Twitter one day. As a woman on social media, she is no stranger to the gross, classless, and sometimes disgusting messages that men like to send anonymously. Usually, she can just ignore them when they hit her inbox…but this time, she received one that struck a nerve because he called her ability to be a mother into question.


Brace yourselves. This is beautiful.


Giving her daughter the option to choose whatever life she wants is a parent’s greatest gift. So many children don’t get much of a choice in life due to their family’s financial situation. Some children have parents that work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Some parents choose not to work and live paycheck to paycheck to be “there” for their children. Neither option is better than the other, and neither option is “wrong.”

This “brave man” chose the wrong woman to bully and belittle. He can judge her as much as he wants…but in the end, he’s the fool. He’s the one who looks like an idiot. He’s the one who, with his careless words, essentially told a little girl that he didn’t want her to go on a ski trip with her friends. Way to go, buddy.

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