This Woman’s Toes Look Like Fingers And They’re Freaking Everybody Out!

A Taiwanese woman posted a picture of her feet online, and the internet absolutely lost it. Her unique feet are somewhat of a marvel. Seriously. How did they get like that? Why are they so long?

She first posted the picture in a forum for university students. She thought other people might get a kick out of her crazy toes…and she was right!

She is only 4’11” tall, and her longest toe is nearly 5cm long. That’s nearly 2 inches! Look at your toes. The longest one may be just about an inch, possibly a bit more…but they’ve got nothing on her awesome toes!

She admits that her unusual toes have gained ridicule in the past – especially when she wears flip-flops or open-toed shoes. Why do people notice? I can’t remember the last time I noticed anything about another person’s feet.

But kids were cruel, and she remembers once that a child asked her to climb a tree using her “four hands.”

Growing up, she thought that her feet were normal, as many of us would. Her mother had long toes, and so did her father. It made sense in her world. But once she realized that other people had shorter toes, she wondered why they were so short. “What is wrong with their toes?” It wasn’t for a few years that she realized that she was the one with bizarre feet.

It doesn’t bother her, and that’s probably why she thought it would be fun to show off her unique feet to the world. Pretty crazy, right?

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