This Woman’s Explanation For Her Surgeon’s Discovery Will Make You SQUIRM!

Forget having an eyelash stuck in your eye. Forget a piece of hair getting tangled in your lashes. Oh no, this is SO much worse!

A 67-year-old woman was scheduled for a cataract surgery, but when the procedure began, her doctors were shocked to discover an uncomfortable amount of foreign objects in her eye. Yes, stuck inside of the conjunctival pocket was a clump of 17 disposable contact lenses. If that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse.
As surgeons worked, they realized that the clump of lenses was held together by layers of mucus that had accumulated over the years…and then, they kept finding more. A total of 27 lenses were removed from the woman’s eye.

When asked why she never reported her discomfort, she told them all that she assumed the itchiness was due to “dry eye and old age.”

Normally, cases like this would be made public, but the doctors involved wanted people – especially contact lens wearers – to know that apparently, this can and does happen! They previously thought that any lenses left in the eye would produce symptoms that would lead doctors to realize that a lens was stuck inside of the eye. They were wrong!The woman hadn’t gone to regular eye appointments and hadn’t been using her contact lenses in the correct way. As a result,¬†this¬†happened.

The doctors involved are urging other eye care professionals to more carefully screen the patients who are interested in contact lenses. In some cases, a removable lens is just not the right choice for everyone!

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