This Woman’s Apartment Is Making Unicorns Jealous

Amina Mucciolo is a designer who wasn’t satisfied with a boring apartment with white walls and sleek, modern furniture in various shades of beige. She wanted her home to feel happy and vibrant, so she took her inspiration from the rainbow itself!
She is often wearing bright colors, incorporating magical shades of pastel into her braids, and applying glittery makeup to reflect her mood, so why shouldn’t her apartment do the same? She and her husband decided to make their space as colorful as possible, drawing inspiration from unicorns, rainbows, and nature to really make it feel like “home.”The space encourages creativity, which in turn helps Mucciolo to be inspired for her designs.She incorporated the rainbow and pastel color palettes in as many aspects of her home as possible. She painted the walls in shades of purple, pink, blue, and even an artistic rainbow to help get rid of boring white walls and plain appliances. In her home, a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be for Christmas! Unicorns and rainbows explode from every aspect of the home, and the couple couldn’t be happier!

Would you live in a unicorn apartment, or is it a little too much for your tastes?

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