This Woman Was Being A Jerk In Public…What She Didn’t Know? A BIGGER Jerk Was Nearby…Ready To Put Her In Her Place!

How often do we get to stand up for the little guy? I mean, REALLY stand up, and actually make a difference? Not often. And it’s usually because we know that some people are just beyond hope! The woman that this guy encountered was the jerkiest of jerks! If he had stood up to her, though, she wouldn’t have cared. She obviously was the type of person who didn’t bother with the feelings of other people…so this guy did something that was sure to hit her where it hurt. His story is hilarious!

I was at the grocery store yesterday getting some stuff for this weekend when I stumbled upon something that really ticked me off.

I’m just hanging out, minding my own business looking for stuff on the list my wife made me, when I heard something in the next aisle. Sounded like an argument.

I’m a curious guy, so I skiddoodled on over to see what was going on. Some middle-aged soccer mom was absolutely tearing into this cherub-faced kid about them not carrying the type of cake mix she wanted.

“This is ridiculous! What kind of place is this! I need that cake mix! Get to the backroom and look for it again! I’m having a party tomorrow and have to have it!”

The poor guy looked shell-shocked. If he was anything over 16 years old, I would be so surprised. But I’ll give it to him, he handled it pretty well.

“I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have any. I already looked … we have the store brand, though … it’s basically the same stuff … I’d be happy to get some of that for you?” he replied. Good on you, young store employee.

“NO. I don’t want anything off-brand! Get me your manager!” Cake lady was losing her mind. I know cake is awesome, but com’on lady, you’re being a big ol’ turd.

The kid’s manager comes out, chats with the lady who continues to freak out, but eventually gets her just to take the store-brand cake mix. He and his employee walk past me, staring straight ahead with the eyes fixed on the empty void ahead of them like only someone who works in a retail job can do.

I was feeling a little bit feisty yesterday. I can be a jerk-coated-jerk with jerky filling sometimes, but I absolutely hate it when people are rude to store employees or waiters or people they think are ‘beneath them.’ Really, really pisses me off. She wasn’t getting away with it on my watch.

I stalked her through the store, never getting too close to set off alarm. She moved from aisle to aisle getting more things for her impending party, not knowing that a predator was about to strike. She got some pretty delicious looking things, I might add…but I wasn’t after those. I had my target. I was going to take that damn cake mix.

I knew exactly where it was in her cart. Her cart was getting pretty full so I decided to move in for the kill. The petty-revenge gods were on my side because somehow the cake mix wasn’t covered by anything. She turned her back on her cart and bent down to get something off the bottom shelf. I rushed in, very nonchalantly snagged the cake mix out of her cart, and moved on.

Of course I had to watch to make sure she checked out. In fact, I made sure I was right behind her. She didn’t notice a thing. For how big of a deal that damn cake mix was to her, I was surprised how little attention she payed to what she put on the conveyor belt.

I smiled all night thinking about how she got home, unloaded all of her groceries, but couldn’t find the cake mix. She probably went back out to her car, looked around, maybe under the seats … but guess what lady, it’s not there.

That cake mix deserved better than her. I bought it. It was confetti cake mix. It might have been for a kids party for all I know, but I don’t care. I made it when I got home and it was delicious. Store brands are great. Rude people are not.

The best part is? It’s technically “karma.” She’ll feel like an idiot when she gets home. She might even head back to the store and try to blame them for losing her cake mix…

Until she shows them the receipt, and realizes that it was never there to begin with! I’ll bet that manager will gladly point that fact out. Ah, revenge can be so sweet!

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