This Woman Used Her Insane “Couponing” Skills To Feed 30,000 People By Her 30th Birthday!

For Lauren Puryear, 29, helping others is a part of her everyday life. The mental health clinician was raised to believe that there is no greater purpose in life than helping others. She has spent years helping to feed the hungry and homeless, and when her grandmother died four years ago, she wanted to continue the strong and courageous woman’s legacy.¬†9-19a13

Puryear began the organization, For The Love of Others, and wanted to help and reach as many people as she possibly could. The organization helps people of all backgrounds. She had been buying food in bulk from stores that sell product at discounted rates if enough is purchased at once, but it still wasn’t enough.

When she was introduced to couponing, Puryear knew it was the answer to her prayers. The method of using coupons to get food products for free or incredibly discounted rates meant that instead of helping hundreds of people, she would now be helping thousands.9-19a14

All it took was patience. Depending on what items are on sale that day, $20 might easily feed 150 people.

There are coupons in the Sunday paper, or online that you can print … so I collect as many as I can, match them to the store and that is how I am able to get the items for free,” she said.9-19a15

Although she has a bachelor’s degree, two master’s, and a Ph.D. in psychology, her ability to feed and help the hungry is still the accomplishment that she is the most proud of.


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