This Woman Orders A Beer For Her Brother Who Died In Iraq…She Leaves THIS On The Credit Card Slip…

You can’t always tell what a person is thinking when you look at them. To everyone else in that restaurant, she probably looked like an alcoholic with two beers, trying to drown her sorrows halfway through the day. Was she being irresponsible? Didn’t she care about the quality of her work or what others might think of her? But this server knew the truth after talking with her for a while, and the reality was so heavy that it followed him home and had an impact on his coworkers, too.


Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day. 🙂 – Greatful [sic] Soldiers”


Wow. What an incredible story. My heart goes out to this woman. Grieving for a loved one can seem impossible sometimes. You miss them so much that it can cloud your every moment with nostalgia and bring you to tears if you think about them for more than a few moments. Sometimes, it’s the off-handed incidents in our day that can have us sobbing on the floor. A familiar smell, seeing something you know they would have loved…or just seeing their favorite beer sitting across from you during lunch time is enough comfort to remind you of who they were. This is so touching, and it’s no wonder that the story has gone VIRAL.

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