This Woman Made Costumes For Her Dog Out Of CARDBOARD! Too Funny!

The little Chihuahua-Mametaro (yes, that is actually his name), has an interesting hobby that has gone viral! A woman named Semba indulges her pooch’s hobby at every chance she gets, creating unique, custom cut-outs made from cardboard. He enjoys wearing the silly hats and sits patiently while Ms. Semba snaps his photograh and shares the pictures online.
10-26a1How does someone get their dog to sit so still for a picture? Well, Chihuahua-Mametaro is well trained and is learning new skills all the time. He is currently learning to ring a small bell on command.10-26a2He sits still for these pictures even as Ms. Semba moves about the room to take pictures of him from all angles, obediently looking straight ahead until she gives him the command for “take your nose out of your costume” which happens to be: “come home.”10-26a3She didn’t start out making elaborate costumes for her pooch, though. In the very beginning, she was curious to see if he would let her put a sign on his face, creating words and messages. Once she realized that he enjoyed the experience, she began to create images and cartoons from popular tv shows and card games.

Chihuahua-Mametaro has a growing fan base, and his little pictures are melting hearts all over the world! Even though he doesn’t speak the same languages, his little face is capturing the admiration of thousands! What a cutie!


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