This Woman Made A Snide Comment When She Thought He Was Dating Four Women At Once. His Real Answer Melted Everyone’s Hearts!

Do you call people out when they act horribly in public? Some people prefer not to say anything and keep their opinions to themselves, thinking it better not to make a scene. Others just can’t help themselves and feel like they have to let the person know that they are being out of line. The hard part is finding a way to say something tactfully without coming across as “rude.” Sadly for this cashier, she had no idea the mess that she had just walked into with her off-handed comment!

A man brought four cards, four boxes of candy, and four sets of flowers up to the cashier for checkout. The flowers each had a different name card and a message attached.

The cashier rolled her eyes at him as she looked at his wedding band. She had seen his type before.


“These players make me sick,” she mumbled to herself as she began to ring up the purchases.

This caused everyone else to look at the man, too, suddenly made aware that he had bought several romantic gifts for different women.

So the man responded and stunned them all. “One set is for my mom because my dad passed away. He used to do this for my mom at every holiday, and I wanted her to remember that she is loved. My father taught me to give love at every chance. The next set is for my wife because I love her. She teaches me how to receive and treasure love. And the last set is for my daughter because it’s up to me to teach her how she should be treated and who she should give her love to.

“And you can have my fourth set because I just wanted you to know that a man can show you love and understanding without wanting anything from you. I was going to bring it to the widow who lives next door, but I think that you need it more.

“Have a blessed day.”

Does anybody else feel like his parting words were a slap in the face? I hope that she thinks twice before saying something so outrageous again! She couldn’t have possibly known that he had good and true intentions for the flowers he was purchasing, but she shouldn’t have opened her mouth at all! That’s the risk you take when you chastise people in public – you don’t know a thing about them and mind find that you are now the subject of scrutiny!

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