This Woman Has Written Over 7,000 Letters To Troops Overseas! Here’s Why She Did It…

Alleen Cooper has been very busy. For decades, she has written letters to men and women serving in the armed forces with words of encouragement and gratefulness. The 98-year-old grandmother has now written over 7,000, and people are impressed.

When her son served in Vietnam, she began to write the letters because she realized what those overseas were going through. She knew that their being gone made a huge impact on their families back home as well and wanted to put in a few thoughts to help them get through their time serving.

All of the time I think of these people and their families at home,” she said.

And they are grateful for her efforts.The began to send her letters and notes back, and many times, they sent her flags from their stations overseas!

She likes to send notes to soldiers who may need the most support, such as soldiers who have lost limbs or suffered an injury. She hopes that others will start to write letters too to help how they can. Even the shortest note can go a long way to helping out, she says, and wants others to take up the practice.

She has even picked up a few “short hand” phrases too! She likes “TTYL, (talk to you later)” to end her letters, and its no wonder that so many people have been inspired by her actions!

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