This Woman Has Spend Over $2,000 On Lip Fillers: “I Still Want To Go BIGGER!”

Alia Byrne has always thought that her lips were thin, but until her 29th birthday, she hadn’t had the resources to do anything about it. 8.17a9She was envious of the girls on Instagram who would post selfies of their “pouty, luscious lips” and wanted some of her own. Her life changed when her sister gave her a wonderful gift. She paid for Alia’s first session, where a cosmetic surgeon injected 1ml of lip filler into her lips. The change was exciting…but it wasn’t anything like she had dreamed about. She wanted to do it again.8.17a10

It was tough for her to save up enough for another treatment, but eventually she was able to gather the $325 and get another 1ml injected. But…it still wasn’t enough. The doctors didn’t say no, so she continued her quest to have giant, luscious lips.

As of her 30th birthday, she has had 6.5ml injected into her lips and spent over $2,000 on the procedures. While some people criticize and make fun of her enormous lips (the more ignorant people tend to jump to crude insinuations), even more are supportive of her dreams. It is her body and her choice, and if plump lips make her happy, who are we to judge?

Everything I have goes to my child. I have always lived my life for my son and getting fillers is something I’ve done just for me. My new lips have given me so much confidence.

People say my lips are big but because I see them every day, I really don’t think they’re that huge at all. I would definitely like to get more fillers put in.”8.17a11

Some people spend their extra cash at bars, some people buy collectible figurines, and some people inject fillers into their lips to feel confident. If she’s happy, we’re happy.


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