This Woman Goes To The Salon For A Trim, But Walks Out BALD! The Reason Had Me Stunned!

Going to the hair salon is supposed to be a relaxing thing. Sometimes you stop by just for a trim, to touch up your roots, or sometimes you make an appointment for an all-new look! The soothing shampoo and light-hearted chit chat with your stylist can brighten anyone’s day, and I always look forward to those rare times when I have the time to visit. This woman thought she was going in to trim her split ends…but her entire day is thrown off balance when THIS happens!


WOW. Would you have done this in support for the little girl? I honestly don’t know what I would have done. I love my hair. It helps to shape who I am every day. I might not be defined by my hair, but it is a very important thing to me, and I can’t imagine losing it. But the sad reality is the millions of people go through hair loss when they undergo radiation and chemo therapy. Their hair falls out in clumps, and sometimes it is easier to shave it all off before it falls out from the treatments. What this woman did for this little girl will follow them both for the rest of their lives, and I hope that this little girl can live for many more years to come!

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