This Whimsical Necklace Is PERFECT For The Teachers In Your Child’s Life! (EASY DIY!)

So many schools have limited the gifts that your kids can give to their teachers as a ‘thank you’ gift at the end of the year, but this handmade item is adorable and fun! As the idea went viral, more and more people were excited about it. It’s a fun way to remember your childhood or add a splash of color to an outfit!

The first step is to sharpen an array of colored pencils until they are pointy and slice them into small stubs with a saw. These were arranged with the longer pencils in the middle and shorter pencils on the sides to create a curve.
Using a thin drill bit, drill holes in the pencils and string them on a chair or bit of necklace wire!The transparent wire makes the pencils look as though they are floating in thin air, and doesn’t detract from the colors. However, if you don’t seal the colors…try not to wear them with a white shirt!

Some people used a bit of clear nail polish to keep the pencils from smudging on fabrics, but that bit is optional!

What do you think of this adorable DIY project?

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