This Welcome Mat Is SO Easy, Anyone Could Do It! (And It Looks GREAT!)

Using a stencil to create unique touches of “you” to your home is a favorite in the DIY (do-it-yourself!) community, but often, DIYers aren’t able to find a stencil that they love. When you have to purchase one, using it only once seems like a waste, so one woman came up with a way to create her own stencils…and she shows it off with this adorable project!
9-29a10The stencil was made by cutting out the design using a sharp blade and contact paper. This paper is ideal for making stencils because it is both durable and easy to use. If you are only going to use it once, the contact paper will stick firmly to your surfaces and looks just as good as a store-bought stencil in most cases!9-29a12Her quick project transformed a normal welcome mat into a gorgeous greeting for guests! Many crafters have used this technique to customize their welcome mats. Family names, fun phrases like “hi!” and “did you bring the wine?” make anyone’s door a representation of the people who live there. 9-29a11This project is a great idea for holidays because you can easily paint a cheap mat with different decorations! What do you think of her doormat? Would you use this idea to dress up an old mat, or do you think that it is just too much trouble?


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