This Wedding Cake Trend Is “Rocking” Our Socks Off! Geode Cakes Will Make You Fall In LOVE!

Every year, brides try to out-do each other. Creating new wedding cakes, wearing dresses fit for a runway, and trying to stay on trend, weddings are evolving at a fast pace – faster than fashion that usually has to follow the seasons. One of the biggest trends in the fashion world has finally hit the wedding scene. Crystals, DIY druzy, and geodes are incorporated into our wardrobes by clever fashionistas…and now they have taken over our wedding cakes! 7.15a2

Instead of sugar flowers and decorated tiers, brides are turning to a more creative sort of cake. Lined with edible rock candy, these cakes stand out from the rest!7.15a1

A luxury wedding cake design studio – called Intricate Icings – came out with this stunning take on a wedding cake…and brides fell in LOVE!7.15a3The designs are created with fondant, rock candy crystals, and gold and silver leaf paint…and a lot of creativity! 7.15a4The results are shockingly real!7.15a5While they look almost too good to eat…people are devouring these incredible cakes!
7.15a6The attention to detail in these masterpieces is fabulous.7.15a7Do you love these works of art?7.15a8…Or would you pass?
7.15a9While a traditional 3-tiered cake will always be in style, being a little unique and having a jaw-dropping cake at the reception is too good of a thought for many brides to pass up!

The dazzling crystals add a dash of elegance and a quirky beauty to the display, and we aren’t surprised that this trend is skyrocketing to the top of brides’ “must have” lists!

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