This Was NOT What The Trooper Expected To Find In A Pool!

“Protect and serve,” a motto that sometimes leads brave individuals into curious situations, has led Trooper Dwayne Phillips into a very strange situation. The New Jersey State Police sent him out to a home after a report from a worker who spotted a buck thrashing about in a pool. It was just after noon and there was no way to tell when the buck had mistakenly entered the pool, but he could tell that the buck had been treading water for a long time.

It was exhausted and clearly about to give up.

Trooper Phillips had never been to a training seminar titled “how to save a deer from drowning in a pool,” but he had been taught not only to think on his feet, but assess and adapt to different situations in no time at all. He grabbed the buck by its antlers and pulled him out of the water.10-31a6As many know, trying to save a drowning person is dangerous. In the shock of the moment, victims will claw and panic, often nearly drowning the person sent to rescue them…but Trooper Phillips was cautious and gave the buck plenty of room once he had helped it out of the water. A neighbor snapped this picture just minutes before the buck leaped to its feet and took off into the forest.

No one knows how much longer the animal could have clung to life, or when it would have given up, but Trooper Phillips wasn’t about to find out.

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