This Waffle Cone Is The New Way To Eat Ice Cream! The Best Part? It’s Only $8.

Egg waffles are a popular snack in Hong Kong…so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make them even better! A dessert shop in New York, Eggloo, came up with an awesome way to mix everyone’s favorite deserts together in one glorious cone. Seriously, just look at these magnificent creations.


The cones come in several flavors: the traditional egg cone, Matcha tea, and chocolate. They only have three flavors of ice cream, too. Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream can fill this cone, but you wont mind one bit because there are dozens of toppings to choose from!4.1a5

Fresh fruit, cereals, nuts, sauce, even sweetened condensed milk can top these magical creations. Of course, what is a cone without Pocky sticks, right? There is so much that gets added to the cones that people are buying them to share with friends. It’s too much for one person!4.1a6

For Chinese New Year, everyone received a complimentary fortune cookie dipped in red icing! Very cute, and they make for some pretty fantastic pictures.4.1a7

While they are gorgeous to look at, many people admit that they didn’t find the dessert all that overwhelming. You can buy an egg waffle off of street vendors for $1, and ice cream for $4. Is all of the hype worth the extra money?

“I did it for the Instagram pic” one review writes, but goes on to say that it wasn’t much different than if you had made the cone yourself.

Others claim that it was theĀ bestĀ dessert they’d ever had!

Would you try this crazy new treat, or will you stick to coffee as your after-dinner snack?

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