This VIRAL Picture Of A Lonely Pup Stirs Hundreds Of Hearts…Everyone Wants To Adopt Him!

March is a pit bull mix who was found in an alley on someone’s back porch by animal control. He was sweet and snuggly, and quickly won over the hearts of everyone who met him! The team wanted to bring him to a no-kill shelter in the hopes that he would be adopted soon…but there was a miscommunication, and March had to be taken back to the small holding room back at animal control.

The transportation volunteer was upset because she wanted the best for him. After two days, she returned to find March hunched over in a corner. He had contracted a doggy cold and was no longer the happy and cuddly pup that she had dropped off.

She snapped this photograph, hoping that someone would find it in their heart to reach out and adopt the pup.

Hate to see a pup so sad and depressed. March is at ACCT Philly and needs rescuing.”


She also started up a crowd-funding campaign to help the pooch get settled in a foster home or a rescue! The goal was only $500, and specified that any additional donations would be donated to help other dogs, too.

The picture went VIRAL in just hours, and before she knew it, $970 had been raised! Well over the $500 she had hoped for!

March was able to go to a rescue shelter, and was adopted after they received hundreds of emails from people who had seen the photograph online!


The picture helped many other pups to be adopted, too! Raising awareness for the dogs in shelters helped them to find forever homes, and in just days, dozens of pups have found a place to call “home.” 🙂

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