This Vintage Photo Is Going VIRAL…Do You See It?! Is That A GHOST?!

This picture was taken in 1900. The girls worked in a linen mill in Belfast, standing with arms crossed in their work uniforms, barefoot to keep their balance on the slippery workroom floors. Although they aren’t showing much expression, the photo is a snapshot into what normal, everyday life was like over 100 years in the past. They look tired, but happy to have a job. Maybe the three in the middle are best friends, and maybe the one on the far left is thinking about what she might get to eat for dinner later.6.30a11

We might easily recreate this today, posing for a picture at the office, and in 100 years, a new generation might look back on it and wonder how our lives were…

…but hopefully, they won’t look back on our workplace photo and see a severed hand on someone’s shoulder! Yikes! Did you notice it at first? Here, take a closer look…

6.30a12A mysterious hand is resting on her shoulder. The angle is too odd to have been the girl behind her, and there is no one else in the photo to the right. Many people write it off as a delay from the camera – one girl posed like that for a while and then moved towards the end…but if that was the case, we would see a strange distortion, right?

Others like to believe that the mysterious hand is the ghost of a girl who used to work in the mill, and maybe died in a workplace accident.

Whatever the case, it is still super creepy!

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