This Veteran Is Building A Community Of Tiny Homes For Other Vets Recovering From PTSD

This tiny house project is ambitious, but Donnie Davis just couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to do something to help. As an Air Force Veteran recovering from Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), he knew the difference that having a stable environment and encouraging support could make during the recovery process. When the opportunity came about he found that he couldn’t say no.

A 277-acre area went up for sale. Davis was contacted in his capacity as a pastor, and the seller wanted to know if he was looking to build a church…and he got the idea for a project that would go a lot farther than Sunday morning services.

There were veterans trying to survive in his city that needed somewhere to recover, and this land would be perfect. All it was missing? Houses.
He set a goal and began fundraising, hoping for $500,000. The money would be used to build tiny homes for veterans and connect the houses to electricity via solar panels and plumbing. The veterans who moved in would help care for the grounds as volunteers as well as work in the gardens and care for the animals living there.

Volunteers and veterans alike have found the natural landscape and calming atmosphere to be “a balm to the soul,” and have begun to find new meaning in life because of the opportunity.

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