This Upside-Down Cafe In Germany Will Give You A HEADACHE! Would You Eat Here?

The Topels House looks exactly like it sounds. This new cafe and bar in Germany was modeled after a standard home…only it has been built to stand on its head! All of the furniture has been affixed to the ceiling, and all of the seating and tables have been created out of light fixtures upside-down furniture! 10-3a5Even the glasses, mugs, and cups have been crafted to appear as if they are upside down! Clear plexi glass has been affixed to the “hanging” lamps to create mind-twisting tables, and when they are full, mugs look like they have been dumped onto the floor!10-3a7Th exception to the illusion are the glasses of cider and beer that are sold in bottles. When they are poured out into custom glasses or made into ice cream floats, however, they appear to be toppling over!

Many people prefer to take photographs upside-down! It shows the room as if it were right side up, while guests sit and stand in confusion on the ceilings!10-3a8How to people get used to such a disorienting sight day after day? Many people claim that they would trip and stumble constantly if they worked there!10-3a9While amusement parks may have a few rooms like this as an attraction, the entire Toppel House has been turned on its head and people are very excited to visit this strange restaurant! Would you visit this topsy turvy home?


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