This Unbelievable Illusion Will Make You DIZZY!

Over the course of five days, dozens of people donned bright neon safety vests and got to work creating the one of the most intricate illusions to grace the City Hall in Paris. On a quest to find “the link between nature and city,” an artist by the name of Francois Abelanet dreamed up this incredible layout that has left millions of people stunned at the design.

When viewed from the “bottom,” it appears that a solid globe has been placed in the middle of the walkway. Made of grass and outlined with what appears to be chalk, the illusion is so incredible that no one could tell its true shape just by this one picture alone. Created with thousands of pounds of dirt, sand, grass, and ultimately, patience, the designs cover a shocking amount of ground to create the illusion of a globe.With carefully crafted hills and valleys, the swatches of grass were arranged strategically to appear dark, light, and rounded as if they hugged the surface of a large sphere. Even when people knew that what they were seeing wasn’t real, it was still breathtaking.

The mind chooses to see the sphere that doesn’t exist even when people knew that it was an illusion.Only by walking around the area were people able to grasp the concept, but even then…it was quite difficult to do!

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