This Ultra Rare Orchid Just Picked Its New Home…A Rooftop In London!

Orchids are finicky plants to begin with. They grow in very specific climates and require a lot of care and attention in order to thrive! The green-winged orchid is one such plant, and only grows in highly specific conditions. That’s why its discovery on the roof of a building is so fascinating! The world of professional botany rejoiced, and environmentalists want everyone to recognize how important it is that the plant bloomed in this location.Claudia Webb, the Councillor pictured above, finds it incredible “that even in inner-city, urban areas you can create the kind of conditions that encourage and nurture the rarest wildlife there is.”

The orchid was verified by Mike Waller, pictured on the left, who was amazed at the sudden and unexpected appearance. The green-winged orchid gets its name from the green veins found underneath its petals and on the outer parts of the flower.

This particular orchid grows only in a hay meadow habitat, and had been having a harder and harder time finding a comfortable home. Orchid seeds are closer to dust than anything, so the fact that this particular plant found a home on the top of a room is mind boggling.

What’s even more cool? The building that the mysterious flower started growing had its rooftop covered in grass 12 years ago. Dusty Gedge, pictured on the right, wanted the benefits of rooftop gardens because they hold storm water, cool the building down by intercepting sunlight, improve the air, and are generally appealing to look at.

It felt as if their efforts were rewarded by nature – and that’s something that they can really be proud of!

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