This Ugly Yellow Shirt Made It Into The Yearbook…63 Times! The Most EPIC Yearbook Prank EVER!

It started with a group 5 friends…but slowly, they were able to convince others to toss on the hideous yellow button-down over their clothing for their official school photograph! Most kids do small things in the yearbook, like include a funny caption or create a clever yearbook quote that teeters on the line between acceptable and totally-not-a-dirty-joke. But after 56 kids and 7 teachers eventually joined in on the prank, there is no denying that this was definitely one-of-a-kind!Sure, their parents might be upset that they paid good money for their precious child in a hideous yellow shirt. Sure, they might hang this on the mantle as a big “haha, look at what you did when you were young.” But realizing the final prank in the yearbook is worth it. Besides, when else can you do something this mischeivous and not get in trouble for it?The kids didn’t plan on who would wear the shirts. A few kids thought it would be funny…and others soon joined in. It wasn’t a lot of kids, mind you, but enough to cause a raised eyebrow in the next 20+ years every time someone flips through the book! The shirts are similar in their ridiculous prints to be mistaken for only 1 shirt, but the kids know the truth!
These teachers are the absolute best.How incredible is this prank? No one got hurt, and it’s funny without being insulting!Finding the line between a funny prank and a harmful one can sometimes be difficult…but these students nailed it with one outrageously ugly shirt!

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