This Uber Driver Picked Up Passengers…AND Puppies! Here’s Why…

Johnathan Guarano wanted to help spread the word that shelter dogs aren’t something to be afraid of. He wanted more people to be aware that adoption is a wonderful option when it comes to finding a perfect pet, and to do that, he paired up with a local dog shelter to help make that happen.

He was given Beanut and Mocha, two small rescue pups, and the shelter made sure that his car was a safe area for the dogs to hand out in for an afternoon. The dogs had a little dog bed to hand out on, and the dogs had already been trained, able to comfortably interact with humans.10-17a14

Passengers were greeted by the lovable pups who were excited to get the attention! They cuddled, kissed, and snuggled during their rides, and passengers were given a taste of what it means to interact with a loving animal.

A few riders weren’t interested in handling the dogs and Guarano politely kept the dogs up in the passenger seat.

While one rider confessed to being allergic to dogs, it didn’t stop her from cuddling the pooches on her ride! She wasn’t able to have dogs due to her allergy, but being able to play with them briefly made her very happy.

Thanks to his video, the pups were quickly adopted! How would you feel if your Uber driver arrived with PUPPIES in the car? Would it make your day, or make you uncomfortable?


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