This Trick Is Stumping EVERYONE! Can YOU Figure It Out?!

Give your brain a work out with this hilarious and frustrating puzzle! At first, it seems completely impossible…but once you figure out the answer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t see the answer immediately! The premise is simple: make these glasses line up in an alternating order of full, empty, full, empty, full, and empty. But there’s a catch:

You can only touch a single glass!

How do you do it? Nudge them over without letting go of the single glass? Is it cheating if you just use one empty glass to push the rest of them in the correct places?! The answer turns out to be a lot easier than that in the end.
First, pick up the second glass filled with juice.

Next, sigh, as you realize just how simple this riddle was to figure out.

😜Are you the Winner we Picked a second ago?😜

Then, pour the contents of the glass into the 5th glass.

Finally, place the now-empty glass back into its spot as the second glass.

If you figured the riddle out in no time, then congratulations! You happen to be smarter than the average person who couldn’t figure it out! The simplest riddles are usually the best, and this one is pretty awesome!

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