This Tree Toppled In A Busy Park Without Warning. This Mom Broke Her NECK Saving Her Kids!

In New York City’s Central Park, this giant elm tree produced what witnesses say sounded like a thunderous crack! just an instant before falling down without much warning. People gathered and took pictures while they waited for help, but they had no idea that extent of the damage that had been done in the few seconds it took the tree to fall across the path. The tree had rotted away from the inside and could no longer be supported by its root system.

Anne Monoky Goldman, 39, had taken her children out for a stroll through the park that day, not expecting it to take such a horrible turn for the worst. She had been pushing two of her children in a double stroller and wearing her 5-week-old infant in a sling on her chest when the tree fell on top of them.

Her protective instincts kicked in and shifted to protect the infant strapped to her chest and try to push the stroller away, but it was too late.
The falling tree broke her neck and cracked the skull of her 2-year-old in the process. Her infant and 4-year-old, however, survived with minor and bruises.

The stroller was wedged at her side, which bystanders think may have saved her life by stopping some of the tree’s impact. The two boys were removed from under the tree quickly, but the infant was strapped to her chest and took longer to rescue.

While Goldman was immobile, the only thing she cared about was seeing her children and only calmed after being shown that her sons had all survived the impact.

She and her sons were rushed to the hospital and are expected to recover.

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