This Travel Company Keeps Your “Dream Vacation” A Secret…Even From YOU! People Are PAYING For This!

“Vacation” can mean a lot of different things. Visiting family out of state, going to see national monuments, and for a lucky few, spending a week in their favorite city. After too many vacations, some people might have trouble picking new destinations or may get tired of trying to plan a fun getaway…and that is where this particular travel company comes in!

A travel agency is practically obsolete nowadays. Since a flight, car rental, or bus ticket are just a few clicks away on a home computer, most people skip the third party and book travel plans on their own to save money. But planning the trip, booking the hotel, signing up for tours or concerts or sight-seeing itineraries can get hectic.7.3a2 7.3a3 7.3a4

“Pack Up + Go” gives you a simple survey. It asks you for a budget. It asks if you’d rather travel by air, bus, or if you plan to take a road trip. Do you enjoy comedy clubs, craft beer, live shows? Do you prefer outdoor activities? Using your preferences, it creates a vacation catered to your tastes and sends you a “hint.” You should pack for warm or cold weather, and some of the things you might want to bring with you…and mails you a sealed envelope.

You aren’t supposed to open the envelope until you arrive at the airport! Then, using an app on your phone, you receive a detailed itinerary, suggested venues, or just a few places to visit at your leisure – you can choose how detailed you would like your trip to be.

We do send some customers to bigger cities like Chicago or Miami, but my favorite trips are to mid-size or small cities: Portland, Maine, or Burlington, Vermont. Every city has a lot to offer. We’re giving cities that people aren’t necessarily seeking out organically a chance to shine.” Lillian Rafson, 23, Pack Up + Go founder.

This is the new way to travel, and people are in love!

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