This Train In Japan Filled Their Cars With Adoptable Stray Kittens To Raise Awareness About A HUGE Problem

The Kitten Cafe Sanctuary wanted to help the stray cats of Japan, and while the number of stray cats and kittens in the country has dramatically decreased over the last ten years, it is still a problem. Nearly 50,000 strays wound up in shelters and euthanized in 2016, but more and more organizations are hoping to bring that number even lower through various campaigns.

The even only lasted for a single day, but passengers were able to meet and play with 30 young cats on their daily commutes…and the best part is, the cats were up for adoption! The tickets for the event cost just under $30, but they sold out in hours. People were very excited to ride in the train with the cats!The cats were all rescued from shelters that would have euthanized them, so for some of the cats, this was their last hope.

The event was widely popular, and although logistically the event couldn’t be run every day, people are hoping that the idea catches on. “Cat Cafes” are already widely popular for people who want to bond and cuddle adorable cats but might not be able to care for one due to their living situations or budgets.

Being able to snuggle cats on a long train ride might be just the thing that some people would pay a little bit more for, and if it helps the country’s stray cat problem, people are all for it!

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