This Town Elected A Rescued Pit Bull As Their Mayor, Beating A Chicken, A Cat, And A Donkey!

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky doesn’t mess around when it comes to electing its officials, and this election was no exception! When Brynn decided to run for mayor, she was an instant favorite. The lovable pit had an infectious smile and cuddly demeanor that made even the surliest of hearts melt in an instant!

The rescue pit was adopted when she was still just a puppy by her owner, Jodie Bamfort and ran in the election against a cat, a chicken, and a donkey in the most recent election. Voting costs $1, and residents are encouraged to vote as many times as they want…because the proceeds from the election are put towards improvements around town!

So, how can this adorable town get away with its elected officials being animals? The town has a grand total of 300 residents and doesn’t actually need a mayor. Their elected official’s duties include being pet by citizens, hanging out in the local park to brighten days, taking naps near the river, and making public appearances at fundraisers and town events!

Brynn won this election with over 3,000 votes against her competitors, all of whom raised over $6,000 for town improvements!

The previous mayor, a border collie named Lucy Lou, served the town as mayor for 8 wonderful years, and before her, Junior, a black lab.

Who knows who the next mayor will be! This is the world I want to live in.

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