This Tortoise Has A Beautiful Shell…But You’ll Never Guess What It’s Made From!

This custom shell is what ended up saving one lucky tortoise’s life after coming very near death. After a bush fire, “Freddy,” nicknamed by the veterinarian’s who saved him, was left without a shell. Without the protection that a shell provides, Freddy would have died within days. Sadly, if you have ever wanted to see what a tortoise looked like without a shell, you can see Freddy’s vulnerable little body in the tragic picture below 🙁

If it meant that little Freddy would die, a group called “The Animal Avengers” wouldn’t stand for it. They immediately got to work as soon as they heard about Freddy’s condition.The group of doctors came together to do many amazing things for animals – from birds given prosthetic beaks to now tortoise shells – and utilize technology in whatever ways they can.

They took Freddy’s dimensions and made sure that the 3D printed shell would be a match for his body while he recovered. They painted it by hand and tried their best to make sure that the designs would blend in to his natural surroundings. Freddy might not fully understand what a wonderful thing his new shell is, but I’m sure he’s happy to wake up everyday and explore his surroundings and eat delicious snacks.Customized, 3D printed prosthetic limbs are no longer just for people! With clever minds, doctors and veterinarians alike can change the world for animals who wouldn’t have lived without their help. Freddy is the perfect example of what technology can really do to change lives!

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