This Tiny Puppy Swallowed A KNIFE! The X-Ray Is Horrifying!

Irene Paisley has owned Staffordshie bull terriers before, but her previous loyal pup had been buried just two months before after dying of cancer. When she found herself rushing her 12-week-old puppy to the ER, she couldn’t believe that she would have to say goodbye to another friend so soon.

She had no idea what was happening now, but little Macie was suddenly choking and vomiting, her nose and mouth bleeding, without any apparent cause.

Paisley took the puppy to an emergency after hours clinic that immediately performed X-Rays on the suffering dog…For some insane reason, the dog had swallowed an 8-inch long knife! Paisley has no idea how the puppy had gotten it in the first place.

She could have pinched it out of the dishwasher, but no one saw what happened.”

The veterinarian performed the surgery and was able to successfully remove the knife. The fact that Macie swallowed the knife handle-first is the only reason that she is still alive today.

Thankfully, the little puppy is expected to make a full recovery and be back to normal in no time. Until then, her owners will keep a sharp eye out for any potential hazardous objects that might be swallowed…The vet also said that she had never seen an X-Ray quite like Macie’s! How terrifying!

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