This Third Class Menu From The “Unsinkable” Titanic Is Something You HAVE To See!

There are only a handful of menus leftover from the Titanic. The majority of the menus that have been recovered and saved were from April 14th, and nearly all of them were from first class. While there are 20 menus from first class, there are only 2 that survived from second class. That is due to the way the evacuations were handled.

But now, this third class menu has surfaced, and it’s incredible. I can’t imagine eating this well at every meal…and it be considered “worse!” At roughly $1,000 per ticket, a nice meal can be expected. The items available are the epitome of “good home cookin'” and will make even the surliest of people remember grandma. Take a look at what was on the menu for April 14, 1912. These were¬†recovered simply by being in a jacket pocket upon rescue.


Second class has a bit of an upgrade in every way, but they share a few of the same items like the Plum Pudding and Fruit. Hey, still sounds delicious to me! At $1,800 a ticket (approx.) I’d expect some delicious food, too!


The¬†first class menu is particularly impressive! Just look at those delicious items at each meal! It’s nicely arranged, and if this was any indication, the passengers probably would have gained quite a bit of weight after eating like this every single day! (Those $2,500 approx. were well spent)


Even back then, the people loved their food! The discovery of the third class menu is particularly exciting because it gives a stark contrast between the three classes and what was expected by each group.

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