This Theater REALLY Wants Parents With Children To Come Watch Movies!

Cinepolis, a large theater chain with locations mostly in Mexico, has decided to branch out with a new cinema called “Cinepolis Junior.” The two theaters are opening in Southern California and hopes to make going to the movies fun for families by building play areas inside of the theater itself.

The goal was to make families feel welcomed at the theater, where their children would be welcomed instead of glared at by other movie-goers. Theoretically, the children would feel more inclined to have fun with their parents, and parents would find it easier to bring their children to the cinema with the built in playground. The theater will kick off it’s opening with showings of Beauty and the Beast, with tickets costing an extra $3. The seats are a variety of shapes and sizes geared towards children from ages three to twelve, such as bean bag chairs and reclining cushioned seats.Slides, playground equipment, ball pits, and fun decor will make children feel excited to be at the movies, and will hopefully allow parents to watch the movie relaxing with their child instead of scrambling to shush them.

The theater plans to only allow kids to play before and after the movie for 15 minutes before needing to clear out, and not during the actual movie.

Generally, negative responses have been from people who don’t have children, while parents of young children were excited to try it out. With the incentive of being able to play, most parents are excited about the kid-friendly theater.

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