This Teen Posed For Stunning Photographs. One Year Later? She Has A Powerful Message For Everyone!

One year ago, Andrea Salazar was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma after discovering a lump on her neck. She was only 17 years old and the news hit her hard. She began treatment immediately, but the symptoms from her cancer were a nightmare to live with. One of the hardest things about her treatment was losing her hair.

Before being diagnosed, she worked as a model. Her mother encouraged her to continue chasing her dreams, and during one of her photo shoots, the photographer convinced her to try a few shots without her wig…theĀ results spoke for themselves, and Salazar went viral almost overnight.

Her story was inspiring, and over the course of the year, she fought as hard as she could. She had to quit school, but she never gave up chasing her dreams, working on her recovery and inspiring others who were going through the same trials.

On top of it all, she went back to school in order to get her diploma. She may have been set back due to the hardest year of her life, but she was determined not to give up. In spite of it all, she continues to fight. To celebrate her cancer-free diagnosis, she released new photographs for her fans. She didn’t give up, and she hopes that no matter what obstacles might stand in her way, they won’t stop fighting their own battles either.

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