This Teen Mom Shocked Facebook When She Posted THIS About Her Pregnancies! Wow.

Becoming a mother is an incredible thing. Realizing that this small, innocent little life is now dependent on you to survive is a very incredible realization. The 2am and 4am and 6am feedings might be exhausting, but one look at that cute little face that you made can make you forget all of the discomfort and tiredness if it means they get to live. For me, it happened the instant that I was able to hold my first child. For some, it might take a little bit longer. For this teen mom, that journey took longer than she expected, but in the end realized that she was better for it! This story is amazing.


This story is so sweet! She may have started her family at a young age, but that doesn’t make her any less of an extraordinary mother! Just look at those adorable children! She realized who the most important people in her life were, and once she made room for them, she realized that she could never go back to those years before having her children. Having children really does change you. Becoming a mother is an incredible thing, and I love this brave young woman’s story so very much!

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