This Teen Boy’s Punishment Was Reported By Neighbors!! Parents Are 100% Justified, Cops Say.

Their 16-year-old son had been stealing from them, and this month, they decided to teach him a lesson that he would never forget for the rest of his life. He was disrespecting their home and trust by taking things from the people who were raising him, and they knew that in just a few short years, it wouldn’t be THEIR problem – it would be society’s.

The best way, they decided, was to make him live in a tent in their backyard for one month. He was taking advantage of their love, and didn’t seem to understand how hard it was to pay for and keep a roof over his head. Hopefully, living in a tent for a month would teach him to respect what other people have worked for.6.23a4

The sheriff’s department and CYFD have gone to the house 3 times in the past few weeks due to complaints from neighbors. The child is fed, has all the water he needs, can use the bathroom inside of the house, and comes inside at 9PM when the sun goes down to sleep. 6.23a6

“If he doesn’t learn now, he won’t just be our problem, he’ll be the world’s. He won’t be in our backyard stealing our stuff, he’ll be in your backyard stealing your stuff.” His father told the local news station.

As for neighbor complaints and criticism from others, the parents have publicly asked for other concerned parents to come over and talk sense into their kid. If you have a better idea, tell them – because everything else they have tried hasn’t worked. 6.23a5

They also gave their son the option of shortening his “sentence” if he completes 5 book reports about what it means to be a “respectable man.”

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