This Teacher’s “Homework Policy” Has Students JEALOUS Of Her Class!

Samantha’s daughter came home with a letter from her teacher. Like many parents during the first few days of school, receiving syllabus sheets and schedules and supply lists is nothing new, especially for students in elementary school. But this time, the letter was different and mom couldn’t help but share it on social media…where it quickly gained over 50,000 shares in just a few days!8.22a12

And Mrs. Young is right. Study after study has been done on the effects of homework on elementary-aged students, and there is no outstanding answer that says the extra hours spent at home help the students learn any faster. So, this bold teacher has decided to take the research to her classroom. She isn’t waiting for other teachers to try it first – she wants her kids to get the best education possible, and if that means spending more time with their family instead of memorizing spelling words and writing a page of capital E’s, she’s all for it.

Research does show that for older students, homework and English papers are helpful for retaining information, which many parents and teachers were quick to point out as an argument. But these elementary students aren’t in high school yet, and Mrs. Young thinks that this new approach will really make a difference in her students’ overall education.

What do you think about her bold move to follow new research? Students everywhere wish that she had been their teacher!


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