This Teacher Is So Scared For Her Students And Her Newborn Daughter That She QUIT Her Job! Her Reason Is Astounding.

The education system in America has been under fire for decades now, but it seems to only be getting worse and worse. With teachers working in increasingly difficult situations, many are adopting the same attitude as Wendy Bradshaw, a Florida native who decided that enough was enough. She wrote a stunning letter to her school board, explaining how helpless she felt. Instead of sending this in privately, she decided that she felt so strongly about this issue that she needed to post it publicly on social media. Her statement and resignation has gone VIRAL in just a few weeks. Wow.


Who can argue with the points that she brings up when she has witnessed each and every one of them first hand? The part of this letter that really hit home was the moment she realized that she would be subjecting her own daughter to the struggles and short-comings of the education system currently in place. We don’t know when changes or improvements will finally be made, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Watching our children and grand children receive an education that isn’t going to prepare them for their futures is a terrifying though. What do you think of Wendy’s resignation letter?

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