This Teacher Handed A List Of 100 Ways To Deal With Stress…Turns Out, EVERYONE Needs This List!

Everyone has stress. From conflict at work to looming medical bills, there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have something to worry about on a day-to-day basis. Some stress is small compared to others, but to each individual, stress can interfere in their life that make it difficult to keep living. One college professor has gotten together a list of 100 ways to cope with stress and handed it out to everyone who takes his Intro to Psychology class. Alina Ramirez, a student, was so moved by the list that she posted it online where it quickly went viral!9-19a10Young and old, people were grateful for the little reminders. Some of the suggestions on the list weren’t new or shocking, but seeing them all together really brought life into perspective. She highlighted her favorite lines, but there are some real gems tucked away in the list.
9-19a11The list is filled with good advice, general small acts that will cheer anyone, and a few unique tips that are applicable to life in general.

He knows how stressed we are with school, sports, work, and life in general, so he gave us the paper to help us, and just to have in case we are stressed,” she said.

She has placed the list in the very front of her binder. Every time she opens it up, she knows that she will be able to get a handle on her stress by picking one of these methods and just doing it. 9-19a12This professor truly cares about his students, and for that, thousands of people are thankful.


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